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1 Bottle - Gastro Intestinal Support (Probiotics) - 60 Capsules

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About the Product

  • CAPSULE EFFECTIVENESS: Contains 5.75 Billion CFU’s per capsule. 2 capsules taken once a day. Ingested for better digestive, intestinal and colon health, improving overall immunity and bowel regularity.
  • FORMULATED: Gastro-Intestinal Support strengthens both the digestive and Immune Systems. Both systems work closely together to produce optimal health and well-being. Take when experiencing a compromised digestive system from a prolonged unhealthy diet, alcohol, stress, infections and illnesses.
  • SAFE & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Controls and manages WEIGHT LOSS, APPETITE MANAGEMENT, GASEOUS BOWEL ACTIVITY, ALLERGIES, BLOATING, FULLNESS AFTER EATING, CONSTIPATION, URINARY TRACT & YEAST INFECTIONS. Promotes vitamin production, CALCIUM ABSORPTION for BONE DENSITY. Contains DE111® supporting normal proliferation of beneficial bacteria and the normal immune reaction of intestinal cells. NO Refrigeration Needed - Long Shelf Life.
  • QUALITY: Manufactured in the USA in a (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility. This product is Non-GMO, gluten free, does not contain artificial colours or flavours, preservatives or synthetics. This product is suitable for vegetarians.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Feel the goodness and results for the lifetime of the bottle or your money back. Voyage Nutrition manufacturers only premium quality natural formulations that help you feel good. Share with friends and family. Enjoy the results together!

Product Description

Why take Probiotics? In the current modern world, we encounter daily stress from our environment and from the foods we eat. In addition, we tend to consume many forms of chemicals such as antibiotics, antacids, food additives, alcohol and other foods and drugs, which lead to general health and digestive disturbances through the reduction in the concentration of beneficial bacteria within our gastrointestinal tract effecting normal digestive processes.

To improve overall digestive health and well-being, taking probiotics will enhance and balance the gastroIntestinal tract providing beneficial bacteria to perform normal digestive processes.

Do not ingest on an empty stomach. Probiotics are required to be consumed with a small amount of food for the product to be the most effective and gentle on the stomach. Always consistently drink room temperature water through out the day to allow for the probiotic to work the most efficiently. This product contains Psyllium which bulks in the intestine to remove waste and regulate bowel movements. In combination of the probiotic formulation it is recommended to monitor hydration levels and water intake throughout the day to eliminate any possibility of constipation. If this happens, reduce dosage and frequency and balance with water intake.

To improve overall digestive health, overcome sluggishness, boost energy and regulate bowel movements then click Add To Cart to boost your health today!

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