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We know you have been asking for it..... So here it is!
Now You Can Taste The Goodness Before You Invest In a Larger Container of Vegan Protein.
Try Now For FREE (Plus Shipping)

We listened and now we have these Trial Packets available for your convenience in both COCOA & VANILLA flavors.
Now you can try the great tasting flavors from our clean plant based All Natural and Organic Vegan Protein Protein Powder. 
We were told we wanted a better way to Share with your friends and family and take with you where ever you go. Now you can!
So we created these great Sample Packets (One Serving Size Per Packet - 30 grams)


Each packet contains a full serving of Voyage Nutrition Vegan Protein made with Pea, Hemp and Sacha Inchi Protein including Chia Seed, Spirulina, Kelp Powder and Dulse Powder.

Trial today for FREE (plus shipping).

Add to your favourite Shake or Smoothie blend anytime you are about to engage in physical activity, when you feel a hunger coming on and especially after an intense workout or training session.

Replenish, build and repair your cells and muscle fibers.

Each packet contains all essential amino acids & BCAAs with a great tasting blend of ingredients.