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Are Voyage Nutrition products safe? 

We take our products ourselves and 99.7% of our customers tell us that the products have worked for them. All of Voyage Nutrition products are made of 100 percent All-Natural and some Organic ingredients and have no known side effects. As always, please consult your doctor if you have questions about combining our product with other medications you maybe currently taking or if you have a serious illness or condition. Our products do not state they will cure or prevent any disease. Please see our Health Disclaimer page.

Where are Voyage Nutrition products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in the United States at a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturer.

Are Voyage Nutrition products safe for children? 
We recommend people 18 years and over use our product as their digestive systems are fully developed. As with taking any supplements, please consult your medical practitioner incase there is any underlying major issues or if dietary intake and habits can be addressed first before relying on a supplement to overcome any issues.

Do any of the Voyage Nutrition products have any side effects? 
All of our products are dietary supplements or food ingredients, not medications. All of our products are made from all-natural or Organic ingredients and can be taken without harmful side effects. As with all consumable products please consult a natural health practitioner or medical advisor before consuming any dietary supplements in addition to medication you may be taking for any health conditions or diagnosed medical issues.

How and when should I take each product? 
Please read the label for each product. Most of our products require taking one or two capsules with a meal once a day or one serving per day depending on the product. Dosage can be increased for management of desired results depending on the product. Please reduce or stop taking any products if you experience an unwanted result. Remember to consumer regular amounts of water as supplements increase body system processes and metabolism while water is required to support waste remove from the body.

How many capsules are in a bottle? 
Most of our products contain between 60 – 90 capsules. Please read the specific product label for ingredients and capsule information.

How much powder is in a Container?

Generally there is between 15 and 30 servings depending on the size of the container. Please read label to the related product.

Do Voyage Nutrition products contain gluten and shellfish? 
None of the Voyage Nutrition products contain added gluten or shellfish. The products have been manufactured in a facility that produces products that may contain small amounts of gluten or shellfish.

Are Voyage Nutrition products safe for vegetarians or vegans ? 
Please read the labels as most of our products are created specifically for vegetarians and some are available for vegans.

Where can I buy products from Voyage Nutrition? 
Currently all of our products are available on or our website.

Are Voyage Nutrition products FDA approved? 
FDA approval is not required for dietary supplements, though we do follow FDA-approved guidelines as all of our products are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility.

What size are the capsules? Are they difficult to swallow? 
Each capsule is approx. 1.5cm x 0.5cm, and can also be ingested by opening the capsule and taking the powders in smoothies depending on the product. Each capsule are much smaller than most Multi Vitamin supplements on the market.

Do the products smell?
Most of our capsulated products do not have a smell. Some customers with sensitive noses often say that there is a smell. We suggest swallowing the capsules rather than sniffing the capsules as thats what they were designed for.

The Vegan Protein does have a smell depending on the flavors - Vanilla or Cocoa (chocolate) flavoured.

Do you ship outside the United States? 

Voyage Nutrition products that are purchased through Amazon com can only be shipped to US states only. If you are outside the USA you will need to have a US postal service address that provides the ability to send or on forward the product to another country once received from Amazon.

Products will soon be available to ship outside the US from our website.

Customer Support FAQs

What if any of the Voyage Nutrition products do not work for me?
If you purchase any Voyage Nutrition product and it doesn’t work for you or you don’t like it for any reason, we provide a full 100% LIFETIME money back guarantee. Simply follow the instructions on Our Guarantee page.

Do I need to return the product?
Please review our Shipping and Returns page. Once you have made contact with one of our Voyage Nutrition customer support representatives we will notify you of what you need to do.